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High Performance V8 Crate Engines

Brand New V8's Crate Engines 400HP - 1500HP Sweet!

Are you looking for a complete  high performance V8 (400HP - 1500HP) ready to bolt into your engine bay! High Performance world offer a selection of premium performance brand new crate engines that are ready to go today OR we can custom build a crate engine with power, torque and performance matched to your exact specifications.

Typical Crate Engine Case Study

Recently, this bloke brought a mid 70’s Statesman and came to us looking for a whole lot of HP - we are talking a wish list to crack 1000HP at the dyno.

For this setup, we needed to create an engine from scratch with a specific combination of block, go fast bits and machining which resulted in an engine producing 1006HP . When it was done, all that needed to be done was to pick it up, bolt it into the car and drive away - admittedly, traction did become a bit of a challenge.

A mid 70‘s statesman (road registered) with 1006HP with just a normally aspirated carburetor. This is the kind of madness we can help you to create at High Performance World.

383 Chevy Crate Engine

Stage 1 Engine - 420 hp
Stage 2 Engine - 510 hp
383 Lo-Blow Engine - 570hp

SB Ford Crate Engine

347ci Engine - 480hp
363ci Engine - 545hp

  434 Chevy Crate Engine

434ci 23º Engine - 660hp
434ci 18º Race Engine - 720hp

BB Chevy Crate Engine

540ci Engine - 750hp
570ci Engine - 850hp
632ci Engine - 1000hp

Small Block Crate Engines

The starting level of a 383 Chev small block is around the 400HP and we have produced engines up to 700HP (custom build) at this size.

Big Block Crate Engines

Moving into a big block we can produce engines with 1000HP but if you want more sauce, we can tailor your engine build to produce in excess of 1500HP - we can also recommend a good brakes guy.


  • Marine v8s aspirated to blown (wicked and wild)

Performance Street Cars

  • Street and strip
  • Dyno Shootout

All out Competition Vehicles

  • Circuit racing
  • Drag racing
  • Speed way

Project Ideas

Grab a Chev crate engine and drop it into a Torana or Kingswood, Monaro or Ute. Drop a Ford crate engine into a Ford Cortina or Capri - watch what happens. 

All Brand New Bits - Nothing is Second Hand

All parts are brand new. Street rod Ford or Holden, hot rods. Locally built by us, fully custom builds - sit down and plan out your engine - price it up from there. Contact us today for a chat on the wild side.

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